Education Without Borders (MIDAD)

A Syrian civil society organization, licensed in Turkey, it works to ensure that education reaches all Syrians in all Syrian regions and for all educational levels, It gives special attention to university education

Foundation works according to the impact methodology

First Axis

knowledge and work

Access to university education
Enhance scientific personality
Support university education
Access to the labor market

Second Axis

building and hope

Enhance community participation
Support the educational process
Control the quality of education
Develop the educational reality

MIDAD is interested in university education in northern Syria

Through sponsoring and providing financial and logistical support of various kinds to universities, and providing scholarships, training, and qualification for university students

MIDAD is concerned with education and community participation

Through supporting and maintaining damaged schools and building new schools, in addition to paying attention to the quality of education, developing the educational reality, and controlling the general quality of educational services

2022-2023 Academic Year Statistics

Universities receiving funding from MIDAD
University student received scholarships from MIDAD
Schools are supported and sponsored by MIDAD
Male and female students benefited from MIDAD
Beneficiaries from MIDAD aid

Be with us, let us be with them
Do support education in northern Syria

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