Teacher preparation institutes

Education Without Borders – MIDAD announces a scholarship for students of “teacher preparation institutes” in northern Syria,

Scholarship Details:

  • This scholarship includes 50% of the student’s annual tuition.
  • This scholarship is intended for newcomers (first year) for 2023-2024 academic year and will last for two years (until graduation).

Targeted Institutes:

  • The Aleppo Intermediate Institute, which includes five branches: (Soran, Al-Rai, Mare’, Azaz, Akhtarin, Sijjo camps),
  • The Raqqa Intermediate Institute (Tal Abyad),
  • The Al-Hasakah Intermediate Institute (Ras al-Ayn).

Scholarship Conditions:

1. The student must be a “current teacher” at work.

2. The student’s commitment to regular attending the institute.

3. Passing: The student loses the scholarship immediately upon failing.

Note: Tuition fees are paid at the end of each semester after verifying the student’s attendance and passing the exams.

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