Our Message

Provide various scientific and training opportunities in Syria or in immigration areas within a methodology that invests in an “incubating environment” to obtain academic qualification at the best levels.


Preparing scientific and technical competencies to build a future Syria in various scientific and academic fields.

Our Values

We seek to achieve educational stability
and improve its quality

by ensuring that educational opportunities are available to everyone at all levels of education,
in addition to geographical distribution and qualitative differences,
and that the marginalized and most affected groups be the first priorities for intervention.

Our Objectives

MIDAD works to embody the spirit of partnership and cooperation between all institutions and organizations working in the educational field in Syria and countries of asylum in coordination with the competent authorities to achieve the following goals

2022-2023 Academic Year Statistics

Universities receiving funding
University student received scholarships
Schools supported and sponsored
Male and female students benefited
Beneficiaries from MIDAD aid

MIDAD Partners