MIDAD works to care about the quality of education and its development

Education Governance

Attention to the quality of education

Developing educational reality

Education Governance

MIDAD is interested in supporting the institutional structure of the educational and pedagogical process to maintain its unity and the quality and purity of the scientific and educational level are at one level, which leads to the unification of educational work through a number of projects in this context, including:

Supporting the supervision and guidance system:
» Linking work to the central system to take on its supervisory role.
» Providing monthly financial rewards to keep it going.

Supporting Teachers’ Unions:
» Contribute to establishing unions and encouraging teachers to join.
» Providing monthly financial rewards to keep it going.

Attention to the quality of education

It is an ongoing program held by MIDAD as part of its plan to raise the level of Pre-university education in the liberated areas, through:

Support Model Schools:
» Providing support to “science and technology schools” in Azaz and Al-Rai region, in cooperation with the Turkish Knowledge Endowment.

Teacher Training Programs:
» Limited rapid specialized training based on two specific titles.
» Extended strategic training that includes theory and follow-up.
» Financial rewards for working teachers who wish to enhance their educational work in the academic aspect.

Developing the Educational Reality

Through the launch of “MIDAD Center for Educational Studies and Research”, as an independent research institution specializing in “educational and psychological development studies and consultations,” the center includes:

First: Research and Studies Unit:
» It was published through (Tibyan Journal for Educational and Social Sciences).
» Organized the first international scientific conference entitled: (Higher Education in Crisis).
» The Second International Scientific Conference: (Persons with Disabilities in War).

Second: Community Development Unit:
It aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of researchers, specialized academics, and community institutions in the educational, and psychological fields, and to correct misconceptions.

Third: The Special Services Unit:
It provides a number of services, the most important of which are: Field research studies, educational and psychological evidence, advice, and development solutions for the needs of educational institutions.

MIDAD also previously launched several projects

Participate in evaluating and monitoring examinations

Participate in evaluating and monitoring examinations

Participate in evaluating and monitoring examinations

MIDAD’s interests in the next stage

Develop infrastructure and increase capacity

Support infrastructure with practical laboratories

Launch new scientific majors (engineering and media)

Evaluate “study plans” and working to develop them

conduct performance evaluation and develop it