Project of 1000 Syrian Programmers

With the confinement of the liberated area in northern Syria and the limited capabilities and integrated technological and industrial components, This and more have led to fewer job options for Syrian youth and a blockage in their development prospects. Therefore, In order not to waste the energies and capabilities of our Syrian youth and to raise the level of our students in the liberated north of Syria by providing real opportunities for them to qualify and prepare them to enter the labour market through its wide door. We worked to turn the idea into reality and started working on the project of 1,000 Syrian programmers.

soon This project will be the talk of the people with its goals, mechanisms, staff and results.

What is the 1000 programmers project?

It is an initiative to rehabilitate young men and women in the liberated Syrian interior who have turned towards technology and programming and to create a technical and logistical work environment to reach 1,000 qualified programmers in the liberated Syrian areas. and integrate them into the global labor market, Whether for companies, individuals or institutions.

Initiative goals.

The project will work to achieve a set of objectives at the economic and humanitarian levels at the same time, as it aims to:

  • Qualifying 1000 Syrian programmers who are able to interact with the foreign labour market.
  • Encouraging Syrian youth to work abroad and providing an appropriate work environment for that.
  • Creating a new source for supplying foreign money and money to the region, thus achieving economic recovery.
  • Providing real opportunities to integrate and qualify future programmers in international companies.
  • Building a good reputation globally for the capabilities, intelligence and skills of our youth despite the difficult circumstances the region is going through.
  • Expand the perceptions, horizons and aspirations of our youth to be part of the global technical community.
  • Giving students and talented people their right to be known globally.

Duration of the initiative and the target group

The initiative will be over five years, divided into phases. The duration of each phase will be determined based on the level and capabilities of the submitted groups. To make them qualified and equipped to launch strongly in the global labour market. The targets will be:

  • Young students from colleges and engineering institutes inside Syria who are concerned with computer majors.
  • Talented people are interested in developing their software and technical capabilities.

Requirements for admission to the 1000 Programmers Project.

with flexible and uncomplicated, Acceptance in the project does not require many requirements, where it’s enough:

  • to be a student or graduate from a college or technical institute, or if you have good programming experience and logic (provided that you have a secondary education certificate)
  • good level of English, where most of the companies deal in English.

As for ages, there is no specific age for admission. Anyone capable of committing and working in this field…. is welcome.

The mechanism of action of the initiative

In implementing our initiative, we will rely on a five-stage work mechanism It will start with the stage of attracting young people and targets and will end with their integration into the labour market. And then the stages of evaluation, preparation, rehabilitation and creation of the work environment.


We will work to attract young, talented and interested people in the field of computers and programming. This will be done by sharing a form to submit for the project among students and the local community through various social media.


It is the stage that follows the attraction, in which the applicants will be sorted and filtered, and the most suitable among them will be selected and divided into groups. The most important criteria to be met by applicants:

  • Proficiency in one of the programming languages (common in the global environment)
  • Having the logistics needed to work remotely.
  • Previous experience and flexibility in dealing with computers.
  • Proficiency in English language.

These are the points on the basis of which the action plan for each group will be drawn up.

Capacity Development

After sorting the applicants into groups, appropriate training and rehabilitation interventions will be carried out to repair the gaps in the groups according to the missing skills of the participants. Taking into account the educational and academic programs obtained by students in colleges or technical institutes, then the student will graduate with high efficiency and will be more able to keep pace with the requirements of the global labour market. Youth will also be integrated according to two tracks:

  • Work through direct and indirect employment in international companies.
  • The person’s own work so as to provide temporary and specific services and tasks.

Integrate participants in the labour market

Through the employment point and with the help of a network of experts and consultants, a guiding follow-up is carried out for those who have started their work steps to settle and develop their competitive capabilities in the global market and the possibility of forming integrated work teams.

Preparing the infrastructure and the working environment

There are two main issues that the project will resolve.

1- Technical structure: Work will be done to solve the problems related to the provision of technical logistics, according to the stages commensurate with the circumstances of the applicants:

  • At first By providing a workroom that contains computers and the Internet in which young people work for a period of time until they obtain the financial return that qualifies them to purchase the necessary equipment.
  • in an advanced stage, Providing financial loans in accordance with facilitating financial policies. Helping the participants who started working on the project, in order to help them expedite the purchase of equipment and develop their work.

2- The logistical issue: Where the project will provide the ground that is commensurate with the two specific workstreams, which are an intermediate employment point between owners and entrepreneurs through an office, and a virtual platform, this project will act as an intermediary for business and financial transfers to workers (The legal structure of the company that will be established to serve this purpose is being studied by studying the reality between the liberated areas and Turkey).