Education Without Borders / Medad Foundation, in cooperation with the Japanese organization JAR, is pleased to organize an introductory workshop on Japanese grants
Syrian youth in Turkey, Where the workshop will be held in the presence of academics from the Japanese organization.
Required ages :
From 18 years old to 26 years old.
Target groups :
Those with high school diplomas, engineers and graduates of engineering, vocational and technical institutes who are interested
Studying in Japan in addition to those interested in studying the Japanese language.
First program :
Scholarship to study undergraduate studies in Japanese universities.
The second program :
Studying the English language and then securing a job in Japanese companies for those who hold certificates: Engineering – professional branches – technical branches.
Third program :
Study the Japanese language.



Places and times of workshops in Turkey :

⦁ Istanbul: Medad Center for Consultation and Student Services on Monday and Tuesday 1 – 2 / 5 / 2017

⦁ Gaziantep: Education Without Borders office / Medad on Wednesday 3/5/2017

⦁ Mersin: In cooperation with the Judy Foundation for Development, on Thursday 4/5/2017
For those wishing to attend the workshop, please fill out the form from the following link: Form (click here)


Note: We will contact the applicants who will be selected
To attend the workshop after filling out the electronic form.



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