Education Without Borders / MIDAD Foundation

A Syrian civil society organization licensed in Turkey Specialized in education It was established by a group of workers and specialists in the educational field It works to provide education for all Syrians in all Syrian regions and for all educational levels starting from the basic education up to secondary education level It gives special attention to university education and works to find educational opportunities and scholarships for Syrian students to secure a better academic future for them
It seeks to develop educational work by paying attention to educational studies and researches

Our Projects

Education Without Borders / MIDAD Foundation provides the university with sponsorship, financial and logistical support “salaries for teachers, qualification, equipment and maintenance”
Education Without Borders / MIDAD Foundation is interested in providing educational opportunities for secondary school graduates through:
– Opening intermediate institutes in most different majors.
– To secure job opportunities after graduation.
It also provides various services to support Youth with the aim of helping and enabling them to continue their studies and higher educational attainment.

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Successful projects and educational services that benefit Syrian students.
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