MIDAD works to qualify youth to involve the labor market

1000 Programmers Project

Agricultural Research Nursery

Support medical specialty students

1000 Programmers Project

The project aims to qualify and train 1,000 male and female youth, aged “17-25” years old, students of faculties and engineering institutes in northern Syria, which are concerned with programming specializations, and interested in developing their capabilities.
Project goals:
» Encourage youth to external work and provide an work environment.
» Reduce immigration, and localization of businesses with sustainable.
Duration of the project:
5 years divided into stages, each stage lasting 6 months.

Agricultural Research Nursery

MIDAD launched the project within the framework of its interest in “scientific development of universities” in northern Syria, and to promote scientific research among students and implement agricultural vocational training programs.
Project goals:
» Restore the green cover in the region, to achieve benefits (food, industrial and pharmaceutical).
» Enhance the contribution of “specialized students” to the project in the research and investigative role.
Project Duration:
Within three years, half a million implants will be placed.

Support medical specialty students

Since the medical sector is one of the most important sectors in northern Syria; MIDAD was interested in supporting qualified doctors to complete their education, and be able to fill the “GAP” in the medical sector in northern Syria, Therefore, MIDAD has been keen, through its projects, to continue providing services to students of Faculty of Medicine, and to support them in their specialized careers after they graduate from universities, In this context, MIDAD provided support to a number of “Faculty of Medicine graduates” to complete their university specialization in hospitals in northern Syria, where it.
» Providing support to 17 doctors in the specialization period in 2022.
» Increase the number during 2023 to reach 26 doctors.

MIDAD also previously launched several projects

English Language Remedial Courses

Provide logistical equipment

qualification workshops for youth

MIDAD’s interests in the next stage

Develop infrastructure and increase capacity

Support infrastructure with practical laboratories

Launch new scientific majors (engineering and media)

Evaluate “study plans” and working to develop them

conduct performance evaluation and develop it