Universities where registration for the YOS exam is still ongoing

( YÖS )

What is the YÖS exam ?

The YOS exam is an exam for the admission of foreign students approved by some Turkish universities. The exam consists of intelligence and mathematics questions. In English and Turkish. The number of questions is 80 questions, the duration of the exam is 80 minutes. Exam form in the form of automation, And every 4 wrong answers cancels out a correct answer. Some universities require a Turkish language test with the IOS test, Each university has its own YOS exam. Standardized YÖS syllabus.



The following universities are still open for registration to take the exam:

1- Euphrates University


Registration ends: 07/05/2017
Exam date: 14/05/2017


2- Jalal Biar University

: http://yos.cbu.edu.tr/
Registration ends: 07/05/2017
Exam date: 20/05/2017


3- University of Republics

Registration ends: 12/05/2017
Exam date: 02/07/2017


4- Yuzhengu Yil University

Registration ends: 15/05/2017
Exam date: 21/05/2017


5- University of Kutahya

Registration ends: 18/05/2017
Exam date: 25/05/2017

6- Giresun University

Registration ends: 16/06/2017
Exam date: 09/07/2017


7- Anadolu University

Registration ends: 19/06/2017
Exam date: 09/07/2017


  • Students who wish to apply for the YÖS exam and need more details, can contact the Medad Center at the following number: