Registration begins at Süleyman Demiral University for freshmen

It is a public university located in the Turkish city of Isparta. It was founded on July 11, 1992 with a strong infrastructure in higher education. Today, the university occupies a prominent place among higher education institutions with its academic units, teachers, number of students, scientific research, physical capacity, cultural, social and sports activities. It is now In the ranks of the largest and most desirable educational institutions in Turkey for the quality of their education and high-level teaching staff. The language of instruction at the university is Turkish and English.


  • First comparison:

Registration begins: 5/6/2017

Registration ends: 23/6/2017

Announcement of results: 14/7/2017

Confirmation of registration for accepted students: From 17/7/2017 to 4/8/2017


  • The second comparison:


Registration begins: 28/8/2017

Registration ends: 8/9/2017

Announcement of results: 15/9/2017

Confirmation of registration for accepted students: From 18 to 29/9/2017


  • The required paperwork:


A copy of the high school diploma

A copy of the translation and certification

A copy of your passport or passport


A copy of the IOS or SAT certificate, if any


  • Registration conditions:


Must be a foreign student (not hold Turkish citizenship).

He must be a student in the last year of high school or have finished high school.


  • Registration method:


Registration is through the registration link below, filling in your data correctly and attaching the required documents within the specified period of registration.


Registration link:

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Available seats:

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University fees:

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Registration dates:


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