University of Aleppo

MIDAD was a major partner in establishing the University of Aleppo in the liberated areas and it continues to supervise the university, and to provide support, which includes providing monthly grants to administrative and teaching staff and operational costs, in addition to providing it with its logistical needs and scientific laboratories, such as Faculty of Medicine – Dentistry – pharmacy and chemistry labs”, In addition to opening the university library, providing student scholarships, and to support students’ graduation projects, and to contribute to supporting and establishing the student office (the student body of the University of Aleppo).

  • 16 Faculty – 22 Major

  • 4 Institute – 7 Major

  • 12,000 students currently

  • 5 Scientific laboratories

Gaziantep University in Azaz

MIDAD initially encouraged the launch a Gaziantep University branch in northern Syria to accommodate the growing number of students and to grant them academic degrees accredited by Turkish government universities.

MIDAD is currently working to provide support to the university to continue providing its services to students, in addition to working to develop and support its infrastructure and seeking to open new engineering specializations.

  • 3 Faculty – 10 Major

  • 9 Institute – 7 Major

  • 12,00 students currently

University of Health Sciences

The launch of the University of Health Sciences branch and the Artificial Limbs Institute in northern Syria, MIDAD provides logistical and technical supplies to the university, in addition to the scholarships to students.

Al-Zahra University

MIDAD signed a MoU with Al-Zahra University in Gaziantep, with the aim of strengthening cooperation between MIDAD and the university to provide services to Syrian students and to enhance and develop the educational process, MIDAD currently provides monthly financial grants to teachers at the university.

Has also previously launched several projects

Institute of Vocational Training and Architecture “Decent Living”

To support academics IDPs from Homs and Damascus countryside

Siraj Project – to establish a youth volunteer team

Supporting intermediate institutes

Doha Institute Scholarship

Japanese language scholarship

MIDAD’s interests in the next stage

Develop infrastructure and increase capacity

Support infrastructure with practical laboratories

Launch new scientific majors (engineering and media)

Evaluate “study plans” and working to develop them

conduct performance evaluation and develop it