Why Education

We all dream of change… hand in hand to teach our children to understand the hope for the future

When we launch a school, we prevent a crime.

We at Education Without Borders / Midad Foundation attach great importance to education as it is the most influential in societies and is one of the most important aspects that affect our lives and the lives of our children. Without education, we have no value, our perceptions do not expand, our minds do not grow, and our abilities do not increase.

andIt is the only means that leads the individual to achieve his goals and makes the individual capable of creativity and innovation. It does not benefit the individual only. Rather, its impact extends to include the entire community, as education is the essential basis for civilized progress. The only difference between advanced and backward societies is the percentage of education. Then comes economic and social progress, and development in all fields.
Therefore, education was and still is the mainstay of every society living on the surface of the earth.