We aim to help students devote themselves to the demands of academic life and to develop their personal experiences and community initiatives

To help them devote themselves to academic life

To build and develop their personal experiences

  Accompanying Programme for Labor Market

To help devote full time to academic life

Full scholarships
Living Grant, University Tuition, and Supportive Skill Programs.

Partial Scholarships
It covers some student needs, such as University Tuition, Housing, and Transportation fee.

Encouragement Scholarships
To enroll to some faculties that have a societal need: such as a scholarship for new comers of Agricultural Engineering and Science with its mathematics and chemistry branches faculties.

Scientific Research Awards
Preparations are being made to launch it soon for postgraduate students’ research that touches on current living reality.

Building and Developing Personal Experiences

Supporting Student Initiatives
Which are being launched by students, whether to help each other achieve academic achievement, summarize lectures, etc., Competitive Sports Initiatives among university students, participation in global entrepreneurship competitions such as the Hult Prize Competition, and volunteer campaigns for community assistance such as literacy assistance, health awareness campaigns, vaccination, and psychosocial support for orphaned children.

Participatory Campaigns
Which takes place with other organizations or youth volunteer teams, So that youth and other organizations are encouraged to cooperate to meet some of the needs of youth, including a campaign between MIDAD and University Volunteer Teams, to provide an urgent scholarship to “IDPs university students” and a scholarship between MIDAD and other organizations to pay part of the fees to all “Financially Distressed University Students” last academic year.

Accompanying Programme

We seek to ensure that all students included in the scholarship program to receive the secondary program, which provides youth with an integrated program according to the following axes

Moral – Valuable

Skillful – Developmental

Cultural – Intellectual

Market Qualification

Community Initiatives

Deepening specialization

MIDAD’s interests in the next stage

Develop infrastructure and increase capacity

Support infrastructure with practical laboratories

Launch new scientific majors (engineering and media)

Evaluate “study plans” and working to develop them

conduct performance evaluation and develop it