MIDAD’s goal through the Community Solidarity Program is to

Ensuring sustainability and independence in supporting the education sector

Promoting the spirit of initiative and solidarity among community members

Multiply the impact of available resources by establishing a fund to support education

The program Idea

The idea of the program is to find alternative solutions to the cessation of support for the humanitarian sectors by encouraging local initiatives for participatory popular work among members of the beneficiary community.
Each partner town forms a civil committee that works to collect donations to support the education sector in the town, in turn, MIDAD provides an amount equal to the total amount through this campaign, so that the total amount is ultimately distributed to volunteer schools in the town according to a specific mechanism.
It is an ongoing and permanent program annually, but it does not commit to fixed schools. It varies according to need, the extent of cooperation, and the ability of the local community to provide support for teachers in the region.

Project Partners and their roles

Target local community:
Starting work on the project in the specified area depends on the extent of the local community’s response and interaction, and its role is to provide 50% of the total financial cost of the project.
Committee Members:
Representatives of the targeted community. The committee consists of 5 community members who enjoy high credibility and consensus.
Partner Funding Agency:
By launching the initiative and securing its financial coverage as a contributing partner.

The program beginning

The program was launched during the academic year 2015-2016 in northern Syria and was directed to cover the neediest aspect according to the requirements of schools, which are:
» First: Restoration and maintenance of infrastructure.
» Second: Heating and providing an appropriate environment.
» Third: Financial grants for volunteer staff in schools.

An honorable model for solidarity

A wonderful model of community solidarity presented by the people of the town of Maarat al-Naasan, the paint seller contributed a portion of the costs, the workers participated in their work and the people helped with their time and money, to be an inspiring model of solidarity and cooperation.. More than (400) students from the town of Maarat al-Na`san and those who were displaced there returned to their school, which has become better than it was before rehabilitation.. Education Without Borders (MIDAD) Foundation seeks to be a partner with the community in supporting education.

towns participate
beneficiary schools
beneficiary teachers
beneficiary students

MIDAD’s interests in the next stage

Develop infrastructure and increase capacity

Support infrastructure with practical laboratories

Launch new scientific majors (engineering and media)

Evaluate “study plans” and working to develop them

conduct performance evaluation and develop it