Clarification regarding the scholarship of the martyr Zaher AL-Sharqat

After starting the scholarship which was planned to stimulate the demand for the targeted majors or faculties, namely:

1- Faculty of Science/Natural Sciences.

2- Faculty of Science/Mathematics.

3- Faculty of Science/Physics.

4- Faculty of Science/Chemistry.

5- Faculty of Literature / History.

6- Faculty of Agricultural Engineering.

These Faculties have decreased in demand until they are almost closed,

Thanks to Allah, these majors or faculty witnessed a remarkable turnout that exceeded the general registration planned by our Scholarship Department Management, as well as the demand for registration for parallel education, which is not planned according to the scholarship.

A meeting was held on December 29, 2021 by the Scholarship Department Management with a number of students affiliated with the targeted majors, We called for this meeting to be held through the WhatsApp communication room, which brings together students to clarify the mechanism of the scholarship and to whom it will be directed,

However, there were objections from the students affiliated with the parallel education registration system about their eligibility to receive the scholarship, like all other registered students,

As a response from Education Without Borders / MIDAD administration to student objections,

and the insufficient clarification from MIDAD about the limitations of the scholarship allocated in terms of its majors to students of general registration only,

In this scholarship, MIDAD foundation will include students registered according to the general education system and parallel education system, where 75% of the annual tuition fee will be provided to them.

It will be the same criteria as for the rest of the students:

1- The student must comply with the university study requirements to receive the scholarship.

2- The tuition fee is paid after the student successfully completes the first-semester exam.