We congratulate the male and female students who have applied for the Dr Mustafa Muslim Scholarship Batch 2, and the Sheikh Ahmad Termanini Scholarship, those who meet the scholarship criteria,

The scholarship administration also promises to provide more opportunities for youth later on, in order to enable them to complete their university academic education, and we do apologize to the students whose applications were not accepted due to not meeting the scholarship criteria and hope that they will benefit from upcoming scholarship opportunities, inshallah, and we wish everyone success

The number of students benefiting from scholarships has reached 1,700 female and male students so far in the universities of Aleppo and Gaziantep inside Syria.

For inquiries and contact via e-mail:


Or by calling the number:

⁦+90 531 356 69 90⁩

Scholarship criteria, work procedures and differentiation are detailed in the attached image.