Our students at the graduation ceremony of the third batch of Aleppo University students in the liberated areas
Today, we celebrate reaping the fruits of fatigue after four years full of sweat and achievement to reach this long-awaited moment, and here it has come, bringing with it joy, happiness and hope.
We share with you the joy, and we are all proud of the graduation of 614 male and female students from various faculties at our university, in which they studied over the four years, and were able to achieve superiority and achievement to raise the name of their university and faculty high.
We extend our thanks and gratitude to the professors, academics and to the administration of the University of Aleppo in the liberated areas,
We also thank our partners, Mercy Without Limits and the SWASIA Charitable Foundation for their support over the past years. We also thank Dr. Yahya Abdulrahim for his unlimited support,
And thanks also to everyone who contributed with us to the success of the higher education project and to everyone who sought, gave and taught our students a letter or did them a favor, asking Allah to make them torches of guidance, civilization, and goodness that pervade the country and the people.