An introductory workshop on Japanese scholarships was held by Education Without Borders / Midad Foundation, which started from Monday 1/5/2017 until Thursday 4/5/2017 in three provinces in Turkey.



1. (Istanbul) MIDAD Center for Student Consultations and Services for two days.

2. (Gaziantep) MIDAD office for one day.

3. (Mersin) in cooperation with Judy Foundation for Development in Akdeniz Arab School for one day.


A specialized Japanese delegation was hosted, in cooperation with the Japanese JAR organization. -The workshop attracted Syrian youth residing in Turkey, where a number of applicants attended the workshop wishing to learn about studying or working in Japan… The nature of life in Japan was introduced to foreigners, and topics related to Japanese studies and universities were covered. In addition to introducing the work in Japan and the institutions contracting with the JAR Organization for Training and Employment… A number of Syrian families were also visited to talk about the situation of Syrians in Turkey, the educational reality and the extent of the Syrian community’s interest in Japan.