Registration starts at Avion Koçetepe University for freshers

Afyon Kocatepe Ü niversity

University overview:

Laying the foundation stone for Afyon Koca Tepe University on July 3, 1992. It was opened in November of the same year. The university is located in Afyon Karahisar, central Turkey, which is two hours away from the capital, Ankara. The city of Afyon Karahisar is characterized by many tourist and recreational areas that provide the student with an ideal environment for studying.

local ranking: 38

International Ranking: 1870


  • First comparison:

Registration starts: 5/15/2017

Registration ends: 9/7/2017

Announcement of results: 1/8/2017

Confirmation of registration for accepted students: From 14 to 18/8/2017

Turkish language health exam: 8/9/2017


  • The second comparison:

Announcement of results: 8/9/2017

Confirmation of registration for accepted students: From 18 to 9/20/2017

Turkish language health exam: 20/9/2017

There is a special skills exam for students accepted in scientific departments:

For students admitted to the first list: 16/08/2017

For students admitted to the second list: 20/09/2017



  • The required paperwork:
  • High school diploma translated and attested
  • Transcripts translated and certified
  • Photograph
  • Passport or Kamlik card
  • International certificates (if any)

Accepted Certifications:

All secondary certificates are accepted, all YÖS certificates are accepted and international certificates such as the SAT certificate are accepted.


  • Registration conditions:

Must be a foreign student (not hold Turkish citizenship).

He must be a student in the last year of high school or have finished high school.


  • Registration method:

Registration is through the registration link below, filling in your data correctly in one of the languages provided by the university system (Arabic – English – Turkish) and attaching the required documents within the specified period of registration.


Registration link:

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Available seats (in English):

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University fees:

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Registration dates:

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Who is eligible to register (in Arabic):

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Documents required after acceptance (in Arabic):

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How to apply (in Arabic):

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University official website:

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