Registration starts at Gaziantep University for freshmen


Gaziantep State University was established in 1987. In Gaziantep, southern Turkey, The university aims to develop perspectives on fundamental social issues, and scientific and cultural exchange with scientific institutions at the national and international levels, Expanding the horizons of science, art and culture, And contribute to the renaissance of Turkey.

Gaziantep University has 15 faculties, 9 vocational schools of higher education, English is the official language of instruction at the university for the faculties of (Engineering – Architecture – Medicine – English Literature). The rest of the faculties and departments are taught in Turkish. The university receives more than 22,000 students. Among them, about 1,500 foreign students from 75 countries around the world, It has a faculty of about 1,300 professors, lecturers and teaching assistants. Gaziantep University is ranked 32 among the best universities in Turkey.


  • First comparison:

Registration starts: 5/15/2017

Registration ends: 30/6/2017

Last date for submitting papers to branches 4/7/2017

Announcement of the accepted results: 1/8/2017



  • The required paperwork:
  • Secondary certificate / As for the standard certificate holders, the certificate must be present in addition to the evacuation
  • High school diploma translation.
  • High school diploma modification
  • Passport or as a king
  • 6 personal photos
  • Electronic registration form



  • Registration conditions:

Must be a foreign student (not hold Turkish citizenship).

He must be a student in the last year of high school or have finished high school.

  • Registration method:
  • The registration fee is paid at the bank, the value of the fee is ($50), provided that three copies of the receipt are printed.

  • Fill out the application form and print four copies, Not to mention saving the application number and e-mail to enter the evaluation examination.

  • print three copies, Baccalaureate certificate, dunklik, High school diploma translation.

  • print three copies of the passport, Or the kimilk.

  • Printing three copies of the tommer certificate, or TOEFL, Or IELTS or SAT. (If any)

As for the College of Medicine, there has been a change in the admission system. Where an entrance exam will be held for students. It shall be in the following form:
Exam will be held on 7/17/2017
The exam will be conducted in both Turkish and English, and the questions will include physics and chemistry.
The duration of each question is one minute, provided that all four wrong questions are removed from the correct question.
The minimum success rate is 80%. As for holders of international certificates, such as the SAT certificate, 10% is automatically added to the student’s score.
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