?️ Medad Center for Consultation and Student Services announces a grant for Syrian youth on Turkish soil to go to Japan and study the Japanese language for two years, and a grant for Syrian students on Turkish soil to complete their university education and study in one of the best universities in Japan.

Midad Center for Consultation and Student Services invites you to an introductory workshop on Japanese grants, for which registration will begin next June.

Workshop topics:

1- The method and conditions for applying for the grant.
2- Job opportunities while studying the language in Japan.
3- Registration procedures and schedule.
4- Society and living situation in Japan.
5- Show the experience of the first season.

The workshop is free of charge. The workshop is held at the Medad Center for Consultation and Student Services in Istanbul

? Saturday: 21/04/2018

? Saturday: 12/05/2018

? Saturday: 23/06/2018

? note : For those interested in studying at university in Japan, there is an opportunity to obtain a scholarship to apply for the TOEFL examination

?️ To register through the following link:

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