Admission to Akdeniz University for freshmen begins



It is one of the public universities that was established to meet the requirements of university education in the western region of the Mediterranean coast in the province of Antalya in 1982. The university currently offers its university educational services and all means of education, research and achievement. Currently, the university includes more than 18 colleges, 7 institutes, 4 institutes of higher education, one conservatory center and 11 higher institutes for vocational training.


  • First comparison:

Registration begins: 29/5/2017

Registration ends: 19/6/2017

Announcement of results: 30/6/2017

Confirmation of registration for accepted students: From 7/31/2017 to 08/04/2017


  • The second comparison:

Registration begins: 7/8/2017

Registration ends: 11/8/2017

Announcement of results: 18/8/2017

Confirmation of registration for accepted students: From 5 to 8/9/2017

almueafayat exam: 11/9/2017


  • The required paperwork:
  • high school diploma photo
  • A copy of the translation and certification
  • Photograph
  • A copy of the passport or your passport
  • YOS certificate copy



  • Registration conditions:

Must be a foreign student (not hold Turkish citizenship).

He must be a student in the last year of high school or have finished high school.

To have taken the YOS University Exam.


  • Registration method:

Registration is through the registration link below, filling in your data correctly and attaching the required documents within the specified period of registration.


Registration link:

Available seats:

University fees:

Registration dates:

Registration conditions:

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