MIDAD Al-Jazeera Scholarship

Education Without Borders – MIDAD foundation announces (MIDAD Al-Jazeera Scholarship) for the University of Aleppo students in the liberated areas (Tal Abyad area).

Targeted institutes:
1.Technical Institute of Business Administration. 2. Engineering Technical Institute. 3. Agricultural Technical Institute. 4. Veterinary Technical Institute.
Scholarship Criteria:
1. The scholarship includes 75% of the regular student’s fees, not the parallel education student’s fees (paid).
2. The scholarship is allocated to new comers (First year) for the academic year 2023-2024 and lasts with them for two years (until graduation).
3. MIDAD pays student fees at the end of the year, this happens after the examination results for the third examination round are issued and the student’s status is cleared.

4. The condition for continuing the scholarship is that the student must not take more than two subjects and achieve at least a good average (65%).

The student loses the scholarship if he/she fails or does not meet the conditions.
The scholarship is allocated to the first 25 students in each major.

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