Martyr Zaher Al-Shurqat Supplementary

Education Without Borders – MIDAD announces the “Martyr Zaher Al-Shurqat Supplementary Scholarship” targeting Aleppo University students in the liberated areas for the fourth year in a row.

Which targets:
1. Faculty of Education “Special Education”. 2. Faculty of Education “Kindergarten”.

Scholarship Details:
• This scholarship includes 75% of the fees for regular students and not the parallel student system.
• The scholarship is intended for newcomers’ students (first year) for the year 2023-2024 and will last for four years (until graduation).
• MIDAD pays student fees at the end of the year, after the third examination cycle results (Make-up) are issued and the student’s status is clear.
• The top 30 registered students from the targeted faculties will be accepted.
• The condition for continuing the scholarship is that “the student must not take more than two subjects and achieve a good average of at least 60%.”

Important note:
The student loses the scholarship if he/she fails or does not meet the GPA and course requirements.
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